Coffee in a Mid-Century Oasis

I walked into a coffee shop that I had always avoided because of its sterile appearance from the outside. Buy a sandwich, order a coffee, eyes wander as my credit card runs.  I notice an interesting shelf design behind the counter housing featured products and price listings.  Above the products a carefully selected collection of kitsch lives in each shelf section.  I'm suspicious...do they really appreciate these gorgeously colored mid-century items or are they just being trendy?  Cream and sweetener and a copy of the Stranger later, I enter the seating area.  OMFG.  The absolutely stunning sleek, minimalist, mid-century situation that is happening all around me has my heart beating faster and I haven't had a sip of my caffeine vessel yet.  The matching actual vintage hanging lighting, wall decorations, vintage couch/coffee table in the corner, minimal items displayed on the sleek wall shelves... But that's not all.  The newly constructed and slightly boring cafe tables are surrounded by schoolhouse chairs.  Yes, those chairs.  The creamed corn colored ones with seats and backs made of some indestructible material mounted on the chrome frames with the cross frame under the seat that your books wouldn't always balance on, but maybe.  As I left my little sanctuary, I took time to notice more details as I walked out.  Dreamy.  Just dreamy.  No.  I'm not telling you where this is.  You have to discover it for yourself.  Enjoy.


Eye Contact 10.10.2012

Last night I walked from my car into a neighborhood grocery.  I passed by a person selling Real Change.  This 'spot' often has particularly pushy and hostile individuals panhandling or harrassing you in the parking lot and it can be pretty threatening.  As usual, I put my head down to avoid eye contact and opening myself up for a hustle.  Even though I walked passed this person from behind and didn't even see their face. 
I was only in the store for a minute, but I thought how degrading it must feel for people to constantly avoid looking at you.  It's not that they are looking at something else and don't see you, but they go out of their way to intentionally not look at you.  I didn't buy anything and I didn't have any cash, but as I walked back out I looked directly into this woman's eyes and said, "Hello.  How are you tonight?" and gave her a smile.  I will admit I am still not comfortable being harrassed, hustled, and threatened by panhandlers.  Something told me that avoiding this person wasn't right and turned me around in a matter of minutes.  When I looked into this gentle, middle-aged woman's eyes, she just smiled and continued to hold up her copy of Real Change.  I didn't have any money to give her, but I am really thankful I was able to give her respect as a person. 


Satan's Angel The Movie comes to Seattle 10/13

This Saturday 10/13 The Legedary Satan's Angel Movie is making it's Seattle premiere at the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  See the life of the fiery Satan's Angel on film.  Meet co-producer Tony Marsico.  Fans of burlesque, fans of trail blazing lesbians, fans of independant films...this is the movie for you. 

You can get your tickets here:  http://slgff.strangertickets.com/Events?day=2012-10-13 

Join our Facebook Event here:  http://www.facebook.com/events/377276255675616/?fref=ts



Miss Kitty Baby will be teaching at BurlyCon 2012!
Along with being on the BurlyCon Organizing Committee, a Vendor Coordinator, and a loyal BurlyCon attendee - THREE classes by Miss Kitty Baby will be offered this year.

How? When? Where? BurlyCon takes place in Seattle November 1-4, 2012 and you can register and learn all about it HERE.

Miss Kitty Baby EXCLUSIVE classes at BurlyCon:

*PINUP HAIR FOR BURLESQUE - Learn how to set, style, and decorate your hair in pinup styles for the Burlesque stage.

"It stayed even when I went upside down" - Tafetta Vee

*DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOUR SEXY - Learn the importance of channeling your sexieness in burlesque even if you think you don't have a 'sexy' performance style or look.

"I used your mantra 'I'm stripping and it's sexy' before my act and I brought the house down!!" - Sandy Glaze

*HOW TO MIX AND MINGLE WITH YOUR ADORING FANS - Learn to be the ultimate post-show socialite from the ultimate burlesque socialite.

"I struggle with interacting with the audience after a show. Someone should teach a class on that." - Pidgeon Von Tramp

What ELSE about BurlyCon is amazing?? EVERYTHING!!
*NIGHTLY SOCIAL EVENTS INCLUDING Vintage Meet & Greet, Under The Sea Dance Party, "Burlesque" Movie Night w/David Schmader
*Guinness Book of World Records FAN DANCE ATTEMPT!
*5th fantastic year of education, community-building, and professional growth.
*Hotel has pool, hot tub, cafe, restaurant, bar, and it's EZ access to the airport, SouthCenter Mall, and Seattle's Light Rail Train!



A Fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall Of Fame
Join us for a night of campy competition as Seattle Burlesquers tease and twirl to the finish line for the Ultimate Grand Supreme Medals and Rhinestone Trophies.

Sports Announcer: Ernie Von Schmaltz

Celebrity Judges: Miss Indigo Blue and Waxie Moon

Announcing our 2012 Seattle Burlesque Games Team! Ernie Von Schmaltz, Jamie Von Stratton, Flirty Sanchez, Whisper De Corvo, Olatsa Assin, Paris Original, Cherry Killer Tomatoes, Boom Boom L’Roux, Lady Drew Blood, Taffetta Vee, Cherry Tart, Jovie DeVoe, Ivy DuPri, Eddie Van Glam, Dessi Devine, Tony Tapatio, Holly Bordeaux, EmpeROAR Fabulous, June Cleavage, Pidgeon Von Tramp, Seraphina Fiero, Randi Rascal, Kutie La Bootie, and Man Johnson!

Announcing our candidates for Mayor of Seattle Burlesque: EmpeROAR Fabulous and Jenny Brown as Kip Vanderballs. They will be accepting bribes and buying votes so bring some dollars!
This event will benefit the Burlesque Hall Of Fame.

Produced by

Sponsored by
Our Swarovski Sponsors:
Atomic Cosmetics
Pidgeon Coop Productions
Fig Tree Catering
ELD Images
Stripped Screw Burlesque
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I HAVE ARRIVED 2.20.2010

In an effort to support the local arts and my friends, I stopped by a store opening this Saturday afternoon. Local artist and friend, Lynn Rosskamp, and a few other collaborative artists were holding an open house just a mile from my neighborhood. Lynn is most famous for her ultra cool & fun hats. Of hats she does wear many. She is an accomplished hat maker, painter, multi-media artist, greeting card maker, and yes – burlesque dancer. Lynn and her friends were presenting “Absolutely Fabulous”, a retail and studio space atop Queen Anne Hill. I walk in and it’s packed to the brim with friends, customers, art, hats, purses, and even cashmere stockings. I spot a delicious looking Lynn and she is very excited to proclaim, “Kitty, YOU have a hat!” Huh? I have a hat?

One of her big sellers is a plush black number with cute pink kitty ears. This is very popular with kids, teens, and ladies I hear. It was originally named “Eartha Kitten”. Apparently most of her customers didn’t get it. She decided on a new name and a bit of Seattle flavor. This adorable hat is now named “Kitty Baby”. For Real! It’s a huge honor to be included in Lynn’s art. I have so much admiration for her. Before you imagine I am feeding my own ego, it was she who stated, “You have Arrived!”

Lynn sells hats under the name Pingi Hats and creates other art under Three Cats Designs.

(I have arrived, part two) If you find yourself at Highway 99 Blues Club and in need of a tasty libation, order the Miss Kitty Baby: Pearl Pomegranite Vodka, Triple Sec, muddled limes and Cranberry. I can’t drink, but I hear it’s delicious!



A few years ago I started using my pin-up superpowers for a greater good: helping others. Along the way I get asked to do really cool events to benefit my own charity and other charities too. 
Recently we were asked to help out with the Gay Bingo event because the theme was “Bootcamp”. This event benefits the Life Long Aids Alliance and the Chicken Soup Brigade. There was a 700+ room full of attendees and volunteers in various forms of cammo and military costume. It was also my first interaction with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They were a mixture of drag, nun-ery, essential volunteer, and all around awesomeness. Their costumes were not only creative and spectacular, but their face/drag make-up was particularly intense. A whole lot of work goes in to their look.

Toward the end of the event I stumble upon this particular Sister VixXxen. Sister V was drenched in pink cammo and had one of the best faces in the room. We collided and demanded a photo together as I had a pink cammo thing going on too. Our get-to-know you conversation included a rash of fawning over how pretty and fabulous each other was. This led to the technical aspect of theatrical makeup application and the time it takes. Then of course we started bragging (or confessing) about how long it actually takes.

Sister VixXxen took the conversation for a turn. She talked about how every minute it takes to get in character and apply her face is worth it when she makes a hospice visit to cheer someone up. Or when someone calls to say they are just lonely and need a friendly voice to help them get through a hard day. Sister VixXxen says “Of course I will. Be right there.”

This just melted my heart. It reminded me why I do what I do. That our beauty is only make-up deep, but we can really make a difference when we take the time to use it to help others.

Sister VixXxen/Marcos Chavez III & Miss Kitty Baby